The overall health of a company workforce is important for both employees and employers. Rising medical costs are a factor for both parties, as is the general wellbeing of each worker. Having a corporate wellness program is a way to provide structure, tools, and resources to engage employees to be proactive about their health.   

Wellness Incentives

Workplace wellness plans are becoming increasingly common. Not only are they beneficial for existing employees but they can also be attractive to potential new hires as well. Below are just a few of the benefits these programs provide for the wellbeing of both the employee and the company:

  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Fewer days off due to personal illness
  • Increased morale and positive company culture
  • Increased productivity due to better physical and mental health

Planning for the Future

The effects of COVID-19 have yet to be fully understood but they undoubtedly will impact wellness plans as well. Companies that allow more flexible or work from home options will especially need to adapt to a changing climate. A greater reliance on telemedicine options will be key to maintaining an effective program.

There are numerous advantages to having a healthy workforce. Implementing a company wellness program – or updating an existing one – will ensure your business is maximizing these benefits.