If your business has gone through changes in the past year, then it’s important to go over your insurance policies with Axis Insurance before renewing your policy. This ensures your business has the right protection to fit your business needs. When you go over your insurance, you can ensure that you have coverage for all of your activities, from volunteers to board of directors without paying for policies that have no use to your situation.

Even worse than being uninsured is being underinsured. You may think you are covered for a fire or other damage but learn that your policy won’t cover the full amount of damage. An annual review could have shown you where you were deficient and allowed you to take steps to either purchase insurance to manage your risk or put in a plan to avoid the risk. When your business grows, your insurance should grow with you.

At your annual review, you can discuss new insurance services with Axis Insurance to know whether you should protect your business. Your agent may be able to give you tips on how to prevent and avoid litigation, not reducing your need for insurance but to help you avoid making a claim. Get the right business insurance for your organization. Businesses change over time. Shouldn’t your insurance change with your needs?