Today’s society has seen an increase in legal claims against business owners and private citizens, from incidents involving hot coffee to more serious concerns, including malfunctioning equipment or accidents. In order to find the right coverage for your personal or business needs, look to Insurance Markets Agency Inc for a completely tailored policy.

The Benefits of Insurance

You might think having comprehensive insurance isn’t necessary for your situation. Maybe you own a small business and only employ close friends. Perhaps you simply have your home and auto insured. Having insurance coverage protects you and your assets from loss or certain liabilities in the event of an accident. Insurance policies can cover more than just a structure or product; they can cover medical or legal expenses, employment compensation and benefits or repair/replacements costs.

Types of Insurance Services

The type of insurance you need will depend on the situation or circumstances. Personal and commercial policies are vastly different, as each area has its own set of associated risks and liabilities.
Personal insurance needs include:

  • Homeowner or renter
  • Auto or motorcycle
  • Boat, RV or recreational vehicle
  • Life insurance

Commercial insurance provides general liability, commercial property, business auto, workers’ compensation and much more.

Who Can Provide What You Need

Not every provider will offer coverage for each risk or needs, but choosing Insurance Markets Agency Inc is the place to start for quality coverage.