Many people walk in and out the doors of most hotels. In addition to the hotel staff, outside vendors and guests also enter the hotel. It is even likely that people who are neither paid nor paying to be there can be found on the premises on any given day. With that many people coming and going, the chance of a crime being committed at some point is great. Wholesale resort hotel insurance brokers recommend including a crime policy in your hotel’s insurance package.

Crime insurance protects hotels from losses resulting from dishonest employees. If an employee embezzles funds, crime insurance may cover whatever monies are unable to be returned. If employees steal from guests, a crime policy, often in conjunction with strong liability coverage, can compensate guests for their losses.

If a guest uses counterfeit money or commits forgery to pay for services, the hotel will probably need crime insurance to get its payment. While hotel security can deter many cases of theft, the possibility of it looms over the daily business of a hotel. A robbery could be a devastating blow to any business that does not have a crime policy to protect against loss.

Wholesale resort hotel insurance usually includes a crime policy. Such a policy helps the hotel association be made whole again.