When a vehicle is used for business purposes, it may very well be categorized as a commercial vehicle. While the first thing that may come to mind are big rigs hauling thousands of pounds of product across the country, there are actually many different types of situations that fall under the category of a commercial vehicle. That being the case, getting the proper insurance, such as coverage that includes a commercial auto physical damage program, may be the single most important safeguard for these types of businesses.

Types of Commercial Vehicles

Understanding what can be considered a commercial vehicle can be very helpful in preparing for unforeseen incidents since only certain situations may not be covered under insurance plans for a personal vehicle. A vehicle may be considered commercial in the following scenarios if it is:

  • Used specifically for business purposes
  • Used for transporting hazardous materials
  • Owned or leased by the business
  • Falls in a certain weight-class category
  • Designed to accommodate 15 or more passengers

Trying to decide independently whether commercial auto insurance is needed can be risky. Whether the priority is protecting the business’s reputation, the passengers’ safety, the condition of the vehicle or cargo being transported, speaking to an agent about getting coverage that includes important protections such as a commercial auto physical damage program can provide invaluable peace of mind to business owners, drivers and their clients.