For many organizations, having the right amount of business insurance coverage can be tricky. Most know about workers compensation and general liability coverage. However, there are other coverage types that you should be aware of that can be of great benefit to your business.

Business Liability

Probably the simplest of business insurance coverages, business liability coverage comes in two parts – property damage and bodily injury. With this type of policy, you’re covered if your business property is damaged or if someone who is not an employee physically hurt or killed as a result of your product or service.

Workers Compensation

If your employees get hurt at work, they will likely expect some form of compensation for medical bills and/or time off at work. There may even be lawsuits involved. Workers compensation insurance will ensure that your business is protected during such an incident.

Commercial Property

Buildings, equipment, and computers can all be covered under commercial property insurance. If your computers are stolen, you can even have coverage for the lost data on those computers.

Transit Insurance

Are you planning on having goods shipped? Whether by land or by sea, there are a variety of transit insurance options to keep them protected against any losses.

If your business isn’t covered yet, now is the time to work with a professional who can help you find the perfect coverage.