If you’re looking for catholic fraternal life insurance You may have a number of questions you’d like answered. Here are a few things you may like to know.

There Are Various Plans

As with many other types of insurance, there are many life insurance plan options to choose from depending on your needs. Whole life plans can cover you from your sign up date through the end of your life, while term plans cover a set number of years. Your current age and life expectancy may be a factor into which plan you choose.

Face Value

Like the type of plan you may have options to choose the face value of the policy. The face value is the amount given to the beneficiaries once the insured party has passed on. In many cases it is not taxed. Higher face value amounts may affect premiums so it’s a good idea to choose an amount that can cover the needs that may remain after the insured has passed on, while remaining in budget.

There are a number of catholic fraternal life insurance plan to choose from based on your needs. You may also be able to choose the face value of your plan. Remember to take into account your anticipated needs when choosing a plan, and ask a professional any questions you may have.