Specialty insurance is designed to cover people for specific situations. You can find enormous lists of gateway specialty insurance available for anyone who needs it. Here are some of the most popular kinds of insurance you might not even know about.

Travel Insurance

You can risk a lot when you go traveling, especially when you’re headed overseas. Baggage can get lost, property can get stolen from a hotel room and accidents can happen when you’re away from your normal coverage. Travel insurance is designed to protect people and their belongings when in another country.

Pet Health Insurance

Pets can get expensive fast. One emergency trip to the vet can set you back a substantial amount. Pet health insurance is designed to help cover those costs and can be beneficial as pets grow older.

Wedding Insurance

Weddings can cost an enormous amount of money, and despite your best planning efforts, things can still go wrong. You can get insurance for postponing your wedding to a later date should you need to cancel. Liability insurance can also be purchased to protect guests who get a little out of hand.

Understanding what events can be covered by specialty insurance can really pay off if something goes wrong. There’s no need to put your financial security on the line when you have insurance.