There’s a lot of freedom working out on the open road, and that’s one of the most appealing aspects of being a trucker. This type of work can also come with some serious risks, and there’s no telling how much a simple mistake can cost. To mitigate some of those risks, there are several types of commercial truckers insurance.

Physical Damage

If equipment or truck parts are stolen or damaged, physical damage coverage should be enough to get a replacement. Cargo can be damaged by water, refrigeration mishaps and a variety of other unexpected conditions, so a broad-form policy may be a better option than a specified peril policy.


There are several types of liability coverage you may need. Some policies cover damage a driver causes to others but not the truck, and general liability can cover a driver during delivery or at truck stops and docks. It’s also a good idea to consider non-trucking liability coverage in case the truck causes damage but is not under dispatch.

Damage and liability insurance are two of many types of coverage that can protect commercial truckers, such as pollution coverage and trailer interchange coverage. For the best policy for your specific needs as a trucker, it’s best to visit your agent to find out more.