Boatbuilders blend science with the magic of art. For thousands of years, these craftspeople have designed and constructed vessels to sail over the globe’s waters, opening up the world. Today these specialist builders carry on the tradition, but they need to protect themselves from liability if anything goes wrong. The experts at Merrimac say boat builders risk insurance is vital for all those who construct marine craft.

Complicated Hazards

Modern boat builders face increasingly complex challenges.

  • The burden to adopt an environmentally friendly methodology
  • Tighter earnings expectations
  • Stronger competition from foreign markets

Quality liability insurance is vital to reduce the pressure on modern boat builders. It lets them focus on what they do best and gives investors and shipyard owners peace of mind.

Comprehensive Coverage

Good boat builders risk insurance provides coverage for every stage of construction and operation as well as for multiple types of craft, from yachts to commercial vessels. Experienced insurance companies may offer boat liability coverage that includes property protection for situations such as crime, natural disasters, piers and docks, and equipment and tools. Some insurance specialists may even offer liability products for boat builders that cover pollution liability and commercial vehicles as well as marine employee protection.

You may not need every specialist boat builder insurance product available, but with so much at stake, it is wise to work with an experienced, respected marine insurance company to safeguard your boat building operations. The right insurance will help you stay afloat now and in the future.