If you’re in the transportation industry you may be looking at wholesale cargo insurance. There are a few reasons to consider purchasing your insurance wholesale.. Here are some you may want to consider.

In many cases a wholesale market may offer a variety of plans. This can allow you to find a plan with the coverage that best fits your company’s needs. These plans could include a variety of deducible options, as well as non-owner coverage and trailer exchange. In some cases you may own a trucking fleet or employ several drivers. Wholesale insurers may also offer plans specifically designed to cover multiple trucks under a single policy, or offer bulk pricing on smaller policies so you can cover each truck or driver individually. If you have particular needs it’s a good idea to consult a professional about you options and which may work best for you.

Purchasing wholesale cargo insurance can benefit your company in a few ways. The plans available may have greater variety allowing you more choices to find the best fit. You may also have multiple vehicles you need to insure and wholesale insurance may have better pricing on large plans or bulk coverage. Remember, if you have an questions talking to a professional can help.