Virtually any business must be sure to have coverage in order to avoid costly mishaps. This applies more so to businesses that handle high-ticket items. A prime example of this is the wide range vehicles that are temporarily put under the care of a valet, ranging from average to extravagant. Being proactive and prepared, such as obtaining valet insurance, can help ensure that any mishaps that can possibly occur on the job will be covered.

How Valets Can Avoid Mishaps

While insurance is invaluable for any unfortunate incidents that may occur on the job, everyday practices can help reduce the likelihood of them happening. Having practical policies in place can ensure that only the most skilled and qualified drivers are entrusted with providing this luxury service. Some strategies include:

Having a comprehensive rule book in place

Ensuring that drivers have a clean record and extensive knowledge of how to operate a variety of vehicles
Providing proper training and enforcing policies

Types of Coverage

As is the case with any business, insurance is a must and one of the most practical safeguards that can be put into action. While general hospitality insurance can be applicable, consider the advantages of supplementing with specialized valet insurance to meet the unique needs of this type of business.