It’s great when people can have some fun at work. However, certain types of behavior that are intended to be all in good fun can create dangerous working conditions.

Train Staff About Physical Safety

Horseplay among employees can be dangerous in any type of situation, but it’s particularly perilous when employees’ job duties already involve some measure of physical risk. Settings that involve working with hazardous materials, operating large machinery or difficult physical labor require employees’ full attention. An effective way to discourage unsafe joking around is to specifically address the topic in training initiatives. Explain to employees why certain conduct may be dangerous. Frankly, some scare tactics may be helpful. When employees can visualize the actual consequences of unsafe behavior, they’ll be more understanding about why horseplay may be no laughing matter.

Enhance Supervision

Employees will be less likely to take time out of what they’re doing to kid around when they know that they’re being supervised. While it may not be a good use of resources to supervise people all the time, making unannounced supervisory appearances at random can be a good deterrent.

When employees are distracted or doing something unsafe in an attempt to get a laugh, it puts both their safety and their coworkers’ safety in jeopardy. Employers need to take active measures towards getting their workforce to prioritize safety over diversion.