Bar and taverns are a great place for anyone and everyone to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. Whether meeting up with friends, catching the big game or celebrating a milestone, your clients trust that your establishment is there for them. Still, you never know what kind of incidents can occur during business hours. You can either take the hit to your bank account or protect yourself with the right bar and tavern insurance for you.

Building a Protective Package

Insurance packages for your industry may likely include the standard general liability and property coverage. However, some coverages may be likely be useful to you. For example, liquor liability may be required by law in your state. This policy is especially valuable considering your establishment serves alcohol. Liquor liability takes care of the damages caused by inebriated patrons. This can include anything from unfortunate accidents, property damage or injury.

Another common policy for bars and taverns is assault and battery insurance. This can come in handy when fights or altercations occur on your property as you may be held liable for the damages. You can pay medical payments or reparations without taking a huge hit on your savings.

The right insurance means you can stay open after incidents. Work with a trusted company to build the best bar and tavern insurance for you.