Not all the business conducted at marinas is on the water. Many times, these water-based facilities have expanded their base to include significant land-based operations, which can range from shopping centers to hotels and more. That makes finding the right insurance for California marinas a complex, but not impossible task.

Along with docks and bulkheads, marinas typically have dry-stack facilities, as well as forklift machines and other, related equipment. Several buildings may also be part of the marina, some located on land, others over the water. Whether they are managed by the marina itself or by third-party tenants, these buildings can include restaurants, retail shops and even on-site hotels. If the marina is a private one, with slips owned by individual boaters, the marina may be more manager than owner. Regardless, the inclusion of multiple individual owners, like what you see in a condominium building, is another facet of the business that must be accounted for in an insurance package.

With such a variety of land and water exposures, marinas and yacht clubs need the help of an experienced maritime insurance provider who can think outside the box. The right provider is one who can work aside from the typical liability and commercial insurance forms and tailor insurance for California marinas to meet their unique needs.