Laundromats and other essential businesses that provide laundry services to individuals and companies alike have unique needs. While the industrial laundry industry has come a long way from its roots and diversified a lot, one thing has held true. Coin-operated self-serve businesses continue to be a popular choice for most patrons who don’t have laundry facilities in their homes or apartments. The novel business model provides for access to the facilities at almost any time, and many companies provide late night and early morning hours to accommodate off-shift workers. Others are open 24 hours a day.

Insurance for Laundry Businesses

Finding the right insurance for your industrial laundry is a matter of finding the industry professionals who understand your company, as well as how it differs from those who occupy other niches in the laundry industry. Professionals at firms like Irving Weber Associates, Inc. provide a variety of resources showing they understand the industry as it is, as well as its history. With dedicated programs like coin-op advantage insurance designed around self-serve laundry businesses, their expertise goes to work every day to make sure customers have everything they need to manage the risks inherent in doing business. When your insurance covers everything you need it to, it’s a lot easier to focus on your core business, and that makes it easier to succeed.