As an owner or operating of a manufacturing company, you are no stranger to the unique risks and exposures your employees and clients when associated with your facility or products. The manufacturing industry is home to a number of businesses taking raw materials, parts or other components to deliver a finished product. Through the course of operations, manufacturing insurance can protect a company from legal liabilities often associated with the industry.

The primary legal concerns for a manufacturing business:

  • Manufacturing Laws: The nature of operations and types of materials that can be used are sometimes governed by federal or international regulations.
  • Product Liability: If a product causes harm or creates a situation resulting in property damage or human injury, there is always the potential for a lawsuit. This is true even if the product was used incorrectly.
  • Workers Comp: The company is ethically obligated to offer a working environment that promotes safety first, but accidents can happen. Insurance claims can quickly turn into more serious legal issues.
  • Human Resource Violations: Hiring laws, fair pay, overtime, benefits and discrimination are situations that can involve lawyers and court appearance if not handled correctly.

For some of these situations, a comprehensive policy with a quality manufacturing insurance agency can provide both risk management and financial recourse in the event of a lawsuit.