Money is a delicate priority for most people. That is why clients come to you to help manage their finances in the best way possible. They trust that you have the expertise and care to do this correctly every time. However, what do you do if a client feels that you have mismanaged their money and decides to file a claim against you? Without the right accountants professional liability insurance, you can find yourself stranded and penniless.

What Is This Coverage All About?

This liability coverage is designed to help you when a client claims you performed a negligent act or made an error while providing them with a service. Many times a client will feel inclined to sue because they feel that your mistake cost them money.

How Can It Help?

Depending on your agency, this liability policy can help you with anything from attorney costs to court fees to settlement payments.

Is It Worth It?

As an accountant, you understand the importance of spending each penny in the right location. Accountants professional liability insurance is vital because you can never really foresee when a client is unhappy with their service. Investing in this coverage can save you thousands down the road.

If you are interested in learning more about his crucial coverage, contact a local insurer to learn how they can build the right policy for you.