Living along the coast means dealing with hurricanes, which bring extensive damage from hail, wind and flooding. Though these storms are a common occurrence, not every owner has the appropriate coverage. A common assumption is that the standard policy is enough, but does homeowners insurance cover hurricane damage?

Flood Damage

Water damage may occur when your pipes burst, but it is considered flood damage when natural phenomena cause the destruction. Helping clients understand that their regular policy will not cover this type of hurricane wreckage illuminates the need for additional coverage.

Separate Policy

Does homeowners insurance cover hurricane damage at all? The following casualties are often covered by standard policies:

  • Wind damage from falling trees and blown off shingles
  • Harm from fire and vandalism that result from a hurricane

Though some issues are covered, it is often flooding that causes the most damage and flood insurance is a separate policy purchased independently.

Making the Decision

The best time to purchase extra insurance is long before hurricanes pose a threat. Clients should understand that if a storm is looming, there are timeframes in which supplemental policies cannot be taken out. Concurrently, have clients review existing coverage to make sure it is ample enough to make a difference.

There may be no more important question to address with your clients than, “does homeowners insurance cover hurricane damage?” Being proactive, with a full understanding of the effects of weather and the elements will give your clients the protection they need when they need it most.