As a business owner whose specialty is medical staffing, one of your most prudent moves could be sitting down with your insurer to review and sign an insurance producer agreement. In doing so, your company is covered against losses stemming from accidents, injuries, property damage and liability claims.

Because medical staffing firms place LPNs, medical technicians, physical therapists, nurses and other medical professionals into a variety of settings, their exposure is significant. Broad and comprehensive insurance policies from specialty insurers cover all risks associated with the temporary or permanent placement of employees who deliver care to the sick or injured. Without business insurance, the expenses associated with a single lawsuit could be catastrophic. An employee or client injury at a place of service, an incident of negligence or malpractice or an event causing property damage could incur expenses of a magnitude that a business of any size would find difficult or impossible to cover using its own financial resources. Policies are available that not only protect the personal and business assets of owners and directors of medical staffing firms, but also cover expenses that could arise from any type of regulatory audit.

The value of an insurance producer agreement may well be incalculable when it comes to the peace of mind it offers. The security of insurance protection allows businesses to focus on their mission and not its risks.