It is well known that workers compensation insurance in Texas pays out in case of injuries and protects business owners from fraudulent claims. While being represented in court by a professional legal team is certainly a good thing, perhaps one of the greatest advantages of carrying worker’s comp insurance is the help you receive in the prevention of accidents.

If you are concerned about carrying protections for your workers, then you also probably have a safety program in place already. However, unless your business is insurance, risk reduction or safety technology, it is highly unlikely that you have the same level of expertise in the field as does your insurance provider. Professionals that deal with workers compensation insurance in Texas live and breathe safety. After reviewing documents and performing audits, they might find red flags and risk potential that you missed on your first review.

You are also likely to find that your insurance company is highly motivated to make your company safer. After your workers, your employees’ families and yourself, they are the people who benefit the most from reducing risk of loss and injury. Therefore, it might be useful to think of your premium as a retainer for the professional safety advice your insurance company might provide if asked.