Opening your own home business in Illinois can be a dream come true. However, like all dreams, it requires dedication and hard work. The assisted living business is no exception. In order to ensure that the benefits of running your business outweigh the challenges, it is important to safeguard it with the proper coverage and make sure to meet state requirements for assisted living facilities.

Special Considerations Before Opening Shop

When setting up your facility, understanding what the law dictates for your type of business will be very helpful. According to the state of Illinois, these are just some of the guidelines which must be met for assisted living facilities to operate:

  • Cannot accommodate anybody who is considered high-risk
  • 24-hour care provided for residents
  • Minimum age of 55 for 80% of residents
  • License required for any facility housing more than 17 individuals who are unrelated
  • Application submitted to and approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Up-to-date education, credentials and licenses for administrators and staff members
  • Staff onsite who is certified to perform CPR

Finding a Specialist

Because of the numerous regulations and state requirements for assisted living facilities, it can be challenging making to make sure that all the criteria are consistently met. By finding an insurance agency that specializes in these types of businesses in Illinois state, you can determine together any exposures your business might have and how to protect yourself against them.