While everyone enjoys a nice, clean home, some people are hesitant to put their property in the hands of a stranger in order to keep things neat and tidy. If something were to go wrong inside their house, where something is damaged or the cleaner is hurt, they don’t want to be put at a loss for someone they hired. Due to this, many cautious homeowners are going to specifically reach out to services which guarantee a well-built house cleaners insurance portfolio.

Why Do You Need Insurance?

When it comes to any service, there will undoubtedly be accidents, unfortunately. Indeed, even false claims may be made, as well, meaning you want to ensure that your house cleaners service is well protected. While this typically includes the usual policies, such as general and business liability, the specific needs of house cleaners require more, typically specialized for the individual business.
According to http://www.moodyinsurance.com/, due to the variety of types, house cleaners insurance may also need to include more specific policies, including Employee Theft with additional coverage and no conviction clause, as well as Lost Key coverage. Most businesses are unlikely to be affected by these types of problems, but it could be problematic if someone’s house or business keys were lost. Furthermore, many Employee Theft policies are quite limited in their coverage, making them hard to cover without a proper understanding of house cleaners insurance.