Helping Your New Graduate Transition into College Life in Connecticut
After new graduates’ caps and gowns have been stored away and they prepare to be launched from their homes, there are many preparations that must be made to ensure they transition smoothly into adulthood. If you have a student getting ready to take that next step into college life in Connecticut, it is important to be proactive in order to make their next chapter fulfilling and successful. Providing practical guidance and laying the right foundation can help your child to better enjoy the many benefits that college life has to offer.

Setting the Stage

While some students may simply need to learn from trial and error, others may have the privilege of having someone to guide them in the right direction. Teaching your adult child some simple skills during this transition period are ones that can be applied even through adulthood. Some important lessons from which your prospective college student may benefit include the following:
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How to establish and build credit
Building healthy social networks
Practicing good financial budgeting habits
Work-life balance

Even though young adults must go through these types of challenges firsthand to fully understand them, providing guidance for them can be considered an unforgettable, valuable gift.