If you work in staffing, then you probably know a lot about risk assessment and management. What you might not know is that staffing insurance providers have a similar expertise: an expertise that might help if you invite them to take a look at your own business. Staffing agency professionals are, after all, more likely to focus on the companies they’re serving than on their own organizations.

A Fresh Perspective

Just like it’s in your best interest to make sure your clients comply with your agency’s best practices, it’s in your staffing insurance provider’s best interest to make sure you have a full risk management system in place. Aside from insuring your employees and taking care of common problems, such as general liability claims and benefits practices issues, your insurance company might also provide you with some consultation.

Insurance companies are often willing to work closely with clients to minimize instances of loss. After all, filing fewer claims results in less work for the insurance company and lower premiums for you: Everybody wins. Your goal of zero incident employment is quite similar to your staffing insurance agency’s goal. Take advantage of their programs, especially when they offer:

  • Operational analysis
  • Regulatory body updates
  • Risk identification

Working together, the combined expertise of staffing agencies and insurance companies should be enough to almost eliminate risk.