When it comes to planning for the future, high net worth individuals and high-income companies actually have a lot of overlapping needs, including a need to plan accurately for what happens when a key person passes on. Many high net worth individuals and families manage that wealth through trusts and businesses that operate for the good of their dependents, and as a result, they face the same issues when a key decision-maker passes on that a large corporate entity has to contend with, as well as the individual human challenges that go with grief and mourning.

Find Your Brokerage

If you need a survival insurance brokerage, you need to find an industry leader with a record of providing for their clients’ full range of needs. You can tell leaders like iSure from the rest by looking for the informational resources and client education efforts they make because their leadership usually starts with their own client base, who depend on them for an understanding of the ins and outs of risk management along with a variety of avenues of exposure. When you find the people who are dedicated to really helping you understand all your insurance needs, you will know it. Until then, it doesn’t hurt to start by reading all the resources you can find on the topic.