While staffing agencies may have unique needs when it comes to business insurance, the process of finding the right insurance agency can be simplified. Answering these three questions can help you find the right staffing agency insurance company for your firm.

1. Does It Offer a Comprehensive Range of Insurance Products?

The specialized nature of the staffing business requires more than just professional and general liability coverage. You may need to consider policies that insure in areas such as hired and non-owned auto liability, cyber risks and employee benefits liability. Make a careful assessment of your needs and look for insurers that can fulfill them.

2. Does It Have Experience in the Marketplace?

The length of time an insurance agency has served the staffing business sector can be an indication of their expertise. Years of experience with staffing agency insurance clients can lead to a depth of knowledge that will benefit your business in selecting the right coverage.

3. Does It Have Satisfied Clients?

Check an insurance agency’s references just as you would those of a prospective employee. It can be important to get the perspective of more than one representative of the referred business to assess different areas of interaction.

An experienced agency can help you manage risk with the right coverage. Doing research can help you find staffing agency insurance that meets business needs as well as budgetary requirements.