The top causes of data breaches include theft of physical items, human error, social engineering, privilege misuse, and malware. However, criminal hacking remains the most serious threat. These are some effective ways to combat criminal hacking.


The experts at World Wide Specialty Programs state data breach education can help companies use their resources to decrease their susceptibility to them. Understanding how a data breach can happen can help the company develop a successful risk management plan. Even the smallest of businesses can be hacked by a criminal using stolen credentials or through computer coding.+



Probably one of the easiest things to do is incorporate an antivirus software on all devices. On top of the software, firewalls and malware detection software can create a robust system of checks and balances. Many can be used on multiple devices with a subscription service and regular updates.


Secure all devices with a two-factor identification system to keep out unwanted guests on the network. Make sure to use difficult passwords that are unique per site, person and device. Simple passwords are easier for criminals to hack and tap into your business.

With criminal hacking being one of the top causes of data breaches, it is no wonder there is so much attention given to it. Take these simple steps to secure your network and reduce your risk of a breach.