Sometimes, non-profit organizations believe that they need less insurance than a typical business. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Not-for-profit organizations are still vulnerable to risk. When it comes to non-profit insurance NY non-profits should consider, there are quite a few.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Nowadays, cyber liability is becoming more popular among businesses. A non profit can suffer from cyber theft too. In fact, non profits are often at a greater risk than they recognize. Employee data, donor data and other confidential information is at risk for theft.

General Liability Insurance

General liability tends to include three different kinds of coverage. These include:

  • Professional liability
  • General liability
  • Abuse and molestation liability

General liability addresses property damage and bodily injury. It also includes a defense for advertising or personal injury claims.

Directors and Officers Insurance

D&O coverage is the most common non-profit insurance coverage. This is because it is essentially a management liability coverage. It protects leaders of the organization against claims of wrongful acts. Most companies will have different D&O policies. It’s important to know your exclusions.

When it comes to non profit insurance NY not-for-profit organizations should invest in, you need to consider what risks could tie up your investments or employees. A lot of human services non profit organizations deal with confidential data that you wouldn’t want to get into the wrong hands. It’s important to invest in insurance that protects.