In a word, yes. Water is a unique industry that poses special hazards. If your business provides any of the following services and you don’t have water treatment insurance, you may be exposing yourself to unnecessary risks:


  • Wastewater and sewage treatment (including industrial discharge)
  • Potable water creation (including reverse osmosis)
  • Water treatment equipment installation and repair
  • Water system disinfection
  • Water chlorination
  • Legionella control
  • Water and wastewater consulting

Because of water’s specific risks, insuring water treatment services includes various forms of protection that go beyond the general liability and property insurance you may be familiar with. Two of the biggest concerns are failure to supply and pollution.

Failure to Supply

Perhaps the biggest liability concern in water treatment is failure to provide the intended service. Efficacy insurance generally covers water outages that are deemed sudden and accidental. When a stoppage is beyond your control, insurance can protect you.


It can also protect against liability with regards environmental statutes, as well as site, transportation, and gradual pollution liabilities. Most standard general liability coverage policies don’t extend to these specific areas or cover issues such as the use of chemicals in water treatment, pesticide use, propane or natural gas use in treatment, or fuel leaks in equipment.

While failure to supply and pollution are two of the biggest concerns, there’s more to water insurance than just protecting your business against an accidental outage or a sewer line break. Don’t underestimate the risks posed by water; keep your business safe and anxiety-free with water treatment insurance.