As news stories constantly report, cyber theft and cyber liability are an ongoing issue that won’t be going away any time soon. Unfortunately, data breaches have been happening with regularity to businesses big and small. You do not need to be Delta, Lord & Taylor, or Kmart to have your information stolen and used for malicious purposes.

The costs of a cyber intrusion can total millions, including costs to hire a lawyer, a public relations firm to try and restore your reputation, along with a forensics team to discover how the breach occurred and stop further data breaches from happening. Add to this the cost to notify those affected and you’ve got quite an obstacle to overcome. These are all valid reasons why you need cyber liability coverage in Orlando for any and all of your cyber concerns.

Since most businesses conduct their operations using computers there is a great risk of becoming the victim of a cyber breach. Everyday, businesses are targeted for data breaches and incidences of computer hacking. The villains are becoming quite sophisticated and either sell the information they obtain, or use Ransomware as a negotiating tool. Still, many small businesses still believe that data breaches are unlikely, even though they get targeted just as often by cyber thieves.

What constitutes a data breach?

A data breach is when an unauthorized party steals your company’s sensitive, confidential, digital information. Any time that an outside party is able to access customer, employee, or trade records and information, this often results in dire consequences for that company.

Anyone who owns a business should use password protection and data encryption, as well as restrict employee access to sensitive information. Also, use firewalls to control access and lock out hackers and ensure that remote access to your company’s network is secure. Using these simple procedures can help to assist in curbing your chances of experiencing a cyber-security breach.

By implementing a few basic security measures your odds of having to defend against a data breach can be significantly lowered. Protecting your business with cyber liability coverage in Orlando helps to cover concerns such as copyright & trademark infringement, unauthorized access, introduction of a virus, and other activities associated with cyber crimes.