In many regards, the products of a company are at their most vulnerable during transport. For the interstate trucking industry, the roads of the nation can be a dangerous place, even in the best of conditions. At other times, when bad weather hits, accidents can become much more numerous. Insurance programs for motor truck cargo are a company’s best bet for protecting its valuable cargo as it leaves the warehouse and travels, sometimes for thousands of miles, to the next stop in the supply chain.

Policies can be tailored to fit the unique needs of each shipper. The transporter of perishable goods might be wise to get coverage for a refrigeration breakdown. A company that transports chemicals or other hazardous substances might find it worthwhile to pay for a policy that includes road cleanup provisions. Truckers who pass through several states might need coverage that shifts a little with each state boundary. An experienced, trustworthy insurance agent can recommend the best policy for each situation.

It is too risky to leave expensive cargo without suitable insurance coverage. Insurance programs for motor truck cargo can protect a company from expensive losses of products as well as the high cost of a road cleanup. With a choice of deductibles and features, cargo insurance can be an affordable way to protect against major losses.