Truck drivers are required under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to have liability insurance. Obtaining the insurance is easier said than done, given the wide array of options on the modern-day trucking liability market. Keep the following considerations in mind when choosing the best liability program for your business.

Types of Coverage

Some programs are wider than others. Common forms of coverage include auto liability, physical damage, general liability and trailer interchange. These liabilities vary on the specific types of damage they cover, whether that is bodily harm, the vehicle or a vehicle attachment.

Coverage Suitability

Find the right program on the trucking liability market that fits your trucking range and unit type. For example, one program may be better suited for a container hauler working exclusively in California versus a produce hauler who travels through four western states.

Extra Offers

Each program formulates its own unique list of extra offers. They may differ on accepting new versus established businesses. It may be advantageous to have a program free towing included or a specific policy for bi-national drivers.

At its core, navigating the trucking liability market is about finding the program that best fits the business and keeping it safe through the unforeseeable incidents of the future.