Workers Compensation


Promoting a Safe Working Environment By Deterring Horseplay

It’s great when people can have some fun at work. However, certain types of behavior that are intended to be all in good fun can create dangerous working conditions. Train Staff About Physical Safety Horseplay among employees can be dangerous in any type of situation, but it’s particularly perilous when […]


Understanding Liability Within Nonprofits

Forming a nonprofit organization is an adventure that will reap many rewards. However, just like any business, a nonprofit organization always faces certain risks. During the formation phase, it’s important to understand the various liabilities your new organization could come up against. Volunteers Volunteers are a necessity for a nonprofit, […]

Little Known Things You Need To Know About Workers Compensation

Little Known Things You Need To Know About Workers Compensation

Most business owners know the basics about workers compensation insurance such as injured or ill employees can receive the insurance to cover their medical bills. Covering your business with Ascendant Insurance protects your business and your employee. Here are other things to know about workers compensation. State Laws Differ Depending […]