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3 Hacks to Change Spring Cleaning Forever

After another winter has come and gone, many people start turning their house upside down to put it back together in the best form and fashion, all in the name of spring cleaning. Even if you think you’ve mastered the process, here are some life-changing cleaning hacks to try. Lemon […]


Tacking a Case Against the Homeowner Association

Whether it be disputes about noise levels, appropriate parking options, or the yearly fees, squabbles between residents and the governing HOA are inevitable. There are times when miscommunication or injustices occur, and individuals will challenge the homeowner’s rights against HOA policy or rulings. In this case, the residents of the […]

Thayer Innes clearly displays pertinent information

Does Your Insurance Website Have the Right Information?

When it comes to obtaining the insurance information consumers need, a website is often the first place many people look. If the information someone needs can’t be found on a website, chances are that person will look elsewhere. That’s why having the right information can be the difference between gaining […]