Insurance Coverage

Sewer & Septic Tank Installers

Stay Protected While Installing Septic Tanks

When your primary job is dealing with the installation of sewer systems and septic tanks, you’re probably used to the mess that comes with your line of work. Of course, you also want to take time to make sure a murky situation doesn’t become a total disaster for the future […]

Payroll Fraud

Beware of Payroll Fraud in Your Organization

Fraud can be a big problem for businesses. Employees who steal time from employers are committing payroll fraud. Protect yourself against these three types of payroll fraud as seen on Ghost Workers Managers or HR might set up an employee in the system to get paid without a real […]

VIS Volunteers

Compelling Reasons to Protect Against Volunteer Litigation

Although many areas have things called volunteer immunity laws, there are areas of volunteer work that present significant liabilities to a nonprofit organization. Nonprofit administrators are generally aware of the need to purchase insurance plans that protect against operational liability, but they don’t always stop to ask “do volunteers need […]

How to Protect Against Missed Rent Payments

As a property owner, you rely on the tenant’s payments. If he or she defaults, you may feel like you are in over your head with costs. How can you make payments and make a profit when someone defaults? This is why having loss of rent insurance is so important. […]

merrimac ins

Assessing the Value of Your Claim

The role of an insurance surveyor is to connect the coverage of an insurance policy to the physical liabilities and exposures an individual or company may experience. The purpose of a coverage policy to protect investments or property from risk, and in the event that an incident happens, the insurance […]

Manchester Specialty Insurance

Unique Insurance Coverage for Home Health Providers

Recent years have seen a number of industries grow and shift. One specific area that saw a lot of growth as at-home healthcare. As the current generation begins to grow closer to the age of retirement, medical services like in-home care are increasingly popular. If you run such a business, […]