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Promoting a Safe Working Environment By Deterring Horseplay

It’s great when people can have some fun at work. However, certain types of behavior that are intended to be all in good fun can create dangerous working conditions. Train Staff About Physical Safety Horseplay among employees can be dangerous in any type of situation, but it’s particularly perilous when […]

precaintermediate care facilities

Precautionary Measures for Intermediate Care Facilities Due to COVID-19

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) are at a higher risk of COVID-19 exposure due to shared living spaces. Daily activities often occur in community areas, and some people share bedrooms. The need for protective health measures during the pandemic is vital to the safety and well-being of residents and staff. Staying […]

BlueSky Insurance

3 Hacks to Change Spring Cleaning Forever

After another winter has come and gone, many people start turning their house upside down to put it back together in the best form and fashion, all in the name of spring cleaning. Even if you think you’ve mastered the process, here are some life-changing cleaning hacks to try. Lemon […]

Regan Insurance Agency

Ideas for Fall Programs at the Library

Library programming specialists know that once the school year ends, it’s time to start planning for the next one. This lull before the storm of summer reading programs is a great time to take stock of what worked and didn’t work last year. Here are some fresh ideas for back […]

Irving Weber Associates

Legal Protection for Your Industrial Laundry Business

Laundromats and other essential businesses that provide laundry services to individuals and companies alike have unique needs. While the industrial laundry industry has come a long way from its roots and diversified a lot, one thing has held true. Coin-operated self-serve businesses continue to be a popular choice for most […]

Truck Business

Start Your Tow Truck Business Today with These Items

Starting a tow truck company is a great option for budding entrepreneurs. There are a few things tow truck drivers must have to operate the business. Understanding things like towing insurance requirements can get your business started on the right foot. License Truck drivers in most states need a commercial […]

Excavation Risks

Managing Excavation Risks To Reduce Cave-In Fatalities

Cave-ins are the leading cause of fatalities during excavation projects, accounting for three out of four worksite deaths each year. You can take several steps to manage your risk from accidents and injuries related to cave-ins. Follow Safety Procedures OSHA has established the following guidelines to improve excavation safety (source: […]

Program Business

What Qualifies for Specialized Insurance Coverage?

Some items are easier to replace than others. That’s where specialty insurance comes in. As explained by Program Business, specialized insurance coverage is supplemental to general insurance, and it’s used for the protection of unique items possessed by an individual or business. Examples of Items Covered by Specialty Insurance Investing […]


Insurance for City Governments and Other Municipalities

The right insurance coverage is vital to just about any entity that engages in business today, and city governments are no exception. Whether you’re talking about coverage for liability related to infrastructure construction and maintenance, protection for city workers, or coverage for errors and omissions that protects you from mistakes […]

Sewer & Septic Tank Installers

Stay Protected While Installing Septic Tanks

When your primary job is dealing with the installation of sewer systems and septic tanks, you’re probably used to the mess that comes with your line of work. Of course, you also want to take time to make sure a murky situation doesn’t become a total disaster for the future […]