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cyber insurance

Key Concerns with Hackers

Cyber crime has become a significant threat to every industry. Fortunately, the brunt of the financial fallout doesn’t have to be faced alone. Many top-rated carriers and brokers are now offering cyber insurance, which can help recoup some of your losses when faced with a claim issued against your cybersecurity. […]

dog bites insurance

Adaptable Dog Coverage for the Modern Family

Dogs are found in millions of homes across the country. Ask any dog owner and they will tell you that dogs are just like another member of the family. However, a dog’s instincts are hard to control even with the most domesticated breeds. Every year, thousands of dog bites are […]

Axis Policy

Business Coverage With Confidence

One of the crucial parts of running a business is insurance coverage. The right protection can help save your business during a time of great need while bad insurance can hit your personal wallet hard. In addition, the kinds of policies you employ are also of great importance. It is […]

boat insurance cost

Getting Your Wallet Ready For Boat Coverage

So you just bought your first boat? You are ready with life vests and have taken boating classes to prepare you for your future summers on the open water. However, there may be one important part of boating preparation that you may have forgotten. That vital component is boat insurance. […]

small law firm lawyer professional liability

Why Small Law Firms Should Invest in Professional Liability

As a legal professional, you know the importance of lawsuit and claim protection. The more clients you have, the more at risk you are if you don’t meet client expectations. This can result in malpractice lawsuits. The financial loss due to malpractice claims can break a business. You need to […]

bankers insurance

Adding Cyber Insurance to Your Finance Coverage Policy

The financial sector is a fast-paced industry with trades, exchanges, deposits, investments and federal regulations always keeping a company busy. While the digital age has improved connectivity and created a more streamlined ability to do banking business, it has opened the door new risks and exposures previously unconsidered. Having bankers […]

occupational accident insurance vs workers compensation

Workers Comp or Accident Insurance: What You Need To Know

For more than 100 years the American workers compensation system has provided businesses and their workers with a level of security. Every state—except for Texas, where the system is still voluntary—requires employers of a certain size to carry workers compensation insurance. Should a serious work-related illness, injury or even death […]

state requirements for assisted living facilities

How to Open an Assisted Living Facility in Illinois

Opening your own home business in Illinois can be a dream come true. However, like all dreams, it requires dedication and hard work. The assisted living business is no exception. In order to ensure that the benefits of running your business outweigh the challenges, it is important to safeguard it […]

financial institutions insurance

Unique Exposures for Financial Institutions

Virtually everything circles back to money and its management when you consider the fact that modern society relies on money-based transactions. With the high-ticket assets that must be purchased, including houses and vehicles, paying in cash is usually not feasible or safe. For many who need to save, investing money […]

manufacturing insurance

Legal Concerns for Manufacturers

As an owner or operating of a manufacturing company, you are no stranger to the unique risks and exposures your employees and clients when associated with your facility or products. The manufacturing industry is home to a number of businesses taking raw materials, parts or other components to deliver a […]