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Promoting a Safe Working Environment By Deterring Horseplay

It’s great when people can have some fun at work. However, certain types of behavior that are intended to be all in good fun can create dangerous working conditions. Train Staff About Physical Safety Horseplay among employees can be dangerous in any type of situation, but it’s particularly perilous when […]

ct lease agreement

Breaking Your CT Lease Agreement Without Penalty

Lease agreements in Connecticut obligate you, as a tenant, to pay rent for the entire term of the agreement. If you fail to do so, a landlord can evict you and file a suit against you in order to recover the arrears. However, if you need to break a lease […]

BlueSky Insurance

3 Hacks to Change Spring Cleaning Forever

After another winter has come and gone, many people start turning their house upside down to put it back together in the best form and fashion, all in the name of spring cleaning. Even if you think you’ve mastered the process, here are some life-changing cleaning hacks to try. Lemon […]

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Ideas for Fall Programs at the Library

Library programming specialists know that once the school year ends, it’s time to start planning for the next one. This lull before the storm of summer reading programs is a great time to take stock of what worked and didn’t work last year. Here are some fresh ideas for back […]


Insurance for City Governments and Other Municipalities

The right insurance coverage is vital to just about any entity that engages in business today, and city governments are no exception. Whether you’re talking about coverage for liability related to infrastructure construction and maintenance, protection for city workers, or coverage for errors and omissions that protects you from mistakes […]

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Effective Ways to Prevent Data Breaches

The top causes of data breaches include theft of physical items, human error, social engineering, privilege misuse, and malware. However, criminal hacking remains the most serious threat. These are some effective ways to combat criminal hacking. Education The experts at World Wide Specialty Programs state data breach education can help […]


Finding the Right Survival Insurance

When it comes to planning for the future, high net worth individuals and high-income companies actually have a lot of overlapping needs, including a need to plan accurately for what happens when a key person passes on. Many high net worth individuals and families manage that wealth through trusts and […]

Boat Sharing

What Is Included in a Boat Sharing Agreement?

Sharing a boat with others is an easy way to enjoy life on the water without the hassles that typically come with owning the vessel. However, there are some negatives as well. There are many things that may be included in the boat sharing agreement that you should take into […]

Payroll Fraud

Beware of Payroll Fraud in Your Organization

Fraud can be a big problem for businesses. Employees who steal time from employers are committing payroll fraud. Protect yourself against these three types of payroll fraud as seen on Ghost Workers Managers or HR might set up an employee in the system to get paid without a real […]


Insurance Against Lawsuits

Avoiding a lawsuit should be important to you as a small business owner. In this litigious world we live in, it is almost a given to assume that your company will be put under the microscope at one time or another. To avoid liability altogether, having the right insurance can […]