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ct lease agreement

Breaking Your CT Lease Agreement Without Penalty

Lease agreements in Connecticut obligate you, as a tenant, to pay rent for the entire term of the agreement. If you fail to do so, a landlord can evict you and file a suit against you in order to recover the arrears. However, if you need to break a lease […]


Understanding Liability Within Nonprofits

Forming a nonprofit organization is an adventure that will reap many rewards. However, just like any business, a nonprofit organization always faces certain risks. During the formation phase, it’s important to understand the various liabilities your new organization could come up against. Volunteers Volunteers are a necessity for a nonprofit, […]

Insurance Website

3 Reasons To Redesign Your Insurance Website

Your website may be the first contact your potential customers have with your insurance company. If site visits are not converting to sales, it may mean that your website is making a poor impression, and it may be time for a redesign. Here are some indications that your current design […]

Program Business

What Qualifies for Specialized Insurance Coverage?

Some items are easier to replace than others. That’s where specialty insurance comes in. As explained by Program Business, specialized insurance coverage is supplemental to general insurance, and it’s used for the protection of unique items possessed by an individual or business. Examples of Items Covered by Specialty Insurance Investing […]


Insurance for City Governments and Other Municipalities

The right insurance coverage is vital to just about any entity that engages in business today, and city governments are no exception. Whether you’re talking about coverage for liability related to infrastructure construction and maintenance, protection for city workers, or coverage for errors and omissions that protects you from mistakes […]

Sewer & Septic Tank Installers

Stay Protected While Installing Septic Tanks

When your primary job is dealing with the installation of sewer systems and septic tanks, you’re probably used to the mess that comes with your line of work. Of course, you also want to take time to make sure a murky situation doesn’t become a total disaster for the future […]


Insurance Against Lawsuits

Avoiding a lawsuit should be important to you as a small business owner. In this litigious world we live in, it is almost a given to assume that your company will be put under the microscope at one time or another. To avoid liability altogether, having the right insurance can […]

Complying With U.S. Waterway Regulations

The United States Coast Guard is responsible for patrolling American waterways and ensuring they are free from threat. However, the types of attacks range from pirates to environmental concerns. As explained by, the Coast Guard requires that vessels over 300 gross tons provide proof of financial responsibility for incidents […]

How to Protect Against Missed Rent Payments

As a property owner, you rely on the tenant’s payments. If he or she defaults, you may feel like you are in over your head with costs. How can you make payments and make a profit when someone defaults? This is why having loss of rent insurance is so important. […]

A Policy Designed for Businesses That Interact With the Public

When a business is open to the public, works in public spaces or allows public citizens onto the premises, problems can occur. Fortunately, there is an insurance policy that can keep your business safe, called public liability insurance, or PLI insurance. Source: How Your Business Benefits From This Insurance […]