Boat Sharing Agreement

Rental Insurance

Does Your Business Need PWC Rental Insurance?

Running a boat rental business often includes offering personal watercraft, such as Sea-Doos and Jet Skis. If you already have these craft in your fleet, or you are considering adding them, you need to make sure your insurance provides coverage for accidents, property damage and injury for the PWCs. General […]

Insuring Boat

The Importance of Insurance for Boat Builders

Boatbuilders blend science with the magic of art. For thousands of years, these craftspeople have designed and constructed vessels to sail over the globe‚Äôs waters, opening up the world. Today these specialist builders carry on the tradition, but they need to protect themselves from liability if anything goes wrong. The […]

Boat Sharing

What Is Included in a Boat Sharing Agreement?

Sharing a boat with others is an easy way to enjoy life on the water without the hassles that typically come with owning the vessel. However, there are some negatives as well. There are many things that may be included in the boat sharing agreement that you should take into […]