The role of an insurance surveyor is to connect the coverage of an insurance policy to the physical liabilities and exposures an individual or company may experience. The purpose of a coverage policy to protect investments or property from risk, and in the event that an incident happens, the insurance provider needs to assess the loss and how it relates to the terms of the insurance policy.

Avoiding Fraud

Receiving the notice that your claim will be investigated shouldn’t be taken personally. According to the professionals at, insurance fraud is on the rise, so a surveyor’s job is to look out for false claims. There are some incidents that might clearly fall under the coverage conditions, while others may have gray areas that can muddle a straightforward approval process. In their assessment, the surveyor documents the loss, the details of the situation, takes photographs and does the research to determine value.

There are surveyors who work in every different industry of insurance. They include:

  • Homeownership
  • Automobile
  • Professional liability
  • Commercial property
  • Machinery breakdown

If your claim is denied, the first point of contact would be with the surveyor. This can help identify the area of concern and you may be able to talk the matter over with a supervisor and provide additional documentation. While it would be nice if all claims were approved, the insurance company does need to protect both their and their client’s interests.