Dogs are found in millions of homes across the country. Ask any dog owner and they will tell you that dogs are just like another member of the family. However, a dog’s instincts are hard to control even with the most domesticated breeds. Every year, thousands of dog bites are reported many of which end up in emergency rooms. If your dog is one of these statistics, then you may find yourself slapped with a lawsuit. This is why dog bites insurance is now a crucial part of the dog-owning process.

What Does This Insurance Cover?

Say you are out for a walk, and your pet bites a passerby. That person may end up in the hospital and may sue you for damages. Dog bite coverage handles the medical payments and settlements that stem from that litigation.

Many agencies assess your dog’s breed to see if they are susceptible to biting. This is why coverage options can vary into the hundreds of thousands.

As many more instances of dog attacks make it into the nightly news, dog bites insurance has grown in popularity. Today, there a number of agencies that specialize in this kind of policy. Contact one of these companies to get the right financial protection for you and your pets.