There is nothing quite like the open ocean. The tang of salt in the air, the bouncing waves and the majesty of the scene make an unforgettable experience. If you were born to be on the water and the sea is calling you, take steps before purchasing a vessel. It might be your dream to live life on the water, but dream responsibly too.

Proper Coverage

Like any other vehicle, your boat will need to be insured. New York marine and general insurance is a good place to start; understand what kind of coverage your vessel needs to have by law, but look at extras too. You might find a policy that is less common but applies to you and your situation.


How adept are you at operating, managing and maintaining a boat? If there was an emergency and you were all alone in the middle of the ocean, would you know what to do? It is essential that you are well-educated on these matters and understand the risks. There is so much that can happen in a short amount of time. Be well-versed on your vessel and have emergency protocols ready to go.

The call of the ocean is hard to resist. Listen to its call, but before you do, prepare first. You will thank yourself later on.