When a business is open to the public, works in public spaces or allows public citizens onto the premises, problems can occur. Fortunately, there is an insurance policy that can keep your business safe, called public liability insurance, or PLI insurance. Source: http://www.usrisk.com/.

How Your Business Benefits From This Insurance

If you own a customer-facing business or one that regularly has visitors from the public sector, you know there are potential risk factors involved. Whether you own a retail store, an office building or perform work off-site, you need a policy that protects your reputation, your business, and your employees. The three main areas this policy benefits your business are as follows:
Damage to personal property: If someone’s property, such as a vehicle, is damaged in the process of you performing your work, PLI can help.
Bodily injury: This insurance covers the damages if a visitor to your business is injured, such as slipping on wet floors.
Legal expenses: This policy helps cover the legal fees if a member of the public files a claim against you.

Make Sure Your Business Is Protected

Lawsuits can be incredibly damaging when filed by members of the public, but PLI insurance can help your business mitigate that risk. With this insurance policy backing you up, you can ensure your company is taken care of if and when claims of this nature arise so you can rest easy.