Running a business comes with many risks, but those can vary depending on the size of the company and industry the business operates in. Agencies like North Star use independent agents to offer you exceptional customer service and knowledge that can benefit your business.

Licensed Experts

Insurance can be complicated. Having a licensed expert in your corner can help you easily determine if a policy works for you and find what you didn’t know you needed. They are there to answer your questions, so you fully understand the policies you are purchasing.

One-Stop Shopping

Businesses often need more than one type of policy. Independent agents with an agency can analyze your business risks to determine the types of policies you need and then offer you options to choose from.

More Choices

Agencies like North Star offer independent agents that offer more variety in coverage options. They can offer multiple quotes from different companies and search for the best deal available.

Your Advocate

If you have a claim or something goes wrong, the agent works with your business. They advocate for you with the insurance agency.

Save money and time by using agencies like North Star when shopping for business insurance. The benefits of using independent agents save you time researching and help your business every step of the way for the life of the policy.