If barnacles can adhere to a whale, they can also harden onto your boat, causing it to run less efficiently and smoothly. While it’s important to remove barnacles from off your boat, you can cause more damage in the process if you’re not careful. Here are three tips for successful barnacle removal that won’t harm you or your watercraft.

1. Use Protective gear

Using protective gloves to cover your hands is essential if you don’t want the hardened barnacles to scratch them up. It’s also a good idea to shield your eyes by wearing goggles or tight-fitting sunglasses to prevent barnacle pieces from irritating them.

2. Choose Proper Removal Tools

A putty knife or scraper is the ideal tool for removing unwanted sea crustaceans from off your boat. Plastic tools are also effective; however, it’s essential to round rough edges to avoid scraping the bottom of your ship any further.

3. Gently Clean Surface

Once you’ve successfully removed all of the significant barnacles, you can use a steel mesh glove or lime cleaner to eliminate any even finer remaining residue. You can also apply a protective base after cleaning to make removing any future crustaceans that much easier.

With a little practice and research, you can take care of problematic barnacles yourself. Following these tips will help protect your boat from damage and help you eliminate unwanted crustaceans, and keep your watercraft running smoothly.