If you have never owned a boat before, you are in for a real treat with your first one. Not only are boat vessels of freedom, they provide excellent opportunities for family fun. Still, before you buy your first boat, you should know three things about purchasing OC insurance for your boat.

1. Your House Policy Isn’t Enough

You probably have the policy to protect your home from damage. In most cases, your homeowner’s policy will not cover damage to your boat. Talk with a skilled OC insurance agent to find the right boater’s policy for you.

2. Your Policy May Not Be Year-Round

Depending on the policy you choose to purchase, you may not have year-round coverage. Unlike a house or car policies, you usually can lay up your boat insurance for periods when you aren’t using your boat. If you plan to boat during these times, you need to be sure you have coverage.

3. You Probably Need Liability and Property Coverage

Like with your car insurance, you probably need your boat insurance to cover liability, injuries, and property. A good agent can help you find comprehensive coverage for your boating needs.

Before you purchase your new boat, you must think about all associated costs. Then, you must buy an insurance policy that protects both your boat and your financial wellbeing.