After another winter has come and gone, many people start turning their house upside down to put it back together in the best form and fashion, all in the name of spring cleaning. Even if you think you’ve mastered the process, here are some life-changing cleaning hacks to try.


Because of its acidity, lemon is a great stain fighter. Whether you use it on the inside of your microwave, on stainless steel fixtures, or ceramic bathroom tiles, lemon will get rid of scum, streaks, and smells all over the house. When you’ve used all the juice of a lemon, cut it into quarters and toss it in your garbage disposal for a fresh citrusy scent from that hard to clean abyss.

Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is a must for working smarter rather than harder. You can use them to mop floors, remove stubborn grime from appliances like your oven, and make grout look like new. Because of the high temperature of the water, a steam cleaner also safely disinfects the cleaned areas without harmful chemicals.

Car Wax

It may sound odd, but car wax can save you from the frustration of watching things get dirty right after you clean them. Buff it onto your stove, fridge, and any stainless steel appliances and fixtures to banish smudges and create an easier cleanup process after every use.

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